wall flower

i have tattoos, so im a trouble maker. i have curves, so im fat. i wear make up, so im fake. if i say what i think, im a bitch. if i cry sometimes, im a drama queen. if i have guy friends, im a slut.if i stand up for my self, im mouthy. seems like you cant do anything now a days without being lebeled. so what. go ahead and label me.see if i give a fucckkk..

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dear diary

you see that girl? she look so happy, right? telling jokes, smiling, having a great time and… dying inside. she’s hurt, and tired. tired of all the drama, tired of being good enough, tired of life. but she doesn’t want to look dramatic, week, and attention seeking. so she keep it all inside. acts like everything’s perfect but cries at night. so everybody thinks that she’s the happiest person they know. that she has no problem and her life is perfect. if only they knew the truth..

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this is me..

hello there, my name is Yesi Fujia Putri. my friends usually call me Yesi. I was born ay Japan on december 16, 1993. I really love music, and I also really liked to sleep :p. I am the person who does not like people who are arrogant, and I am also someone who’s easy adaptation to the environment. just be nice to me, and i’ll be nicer to you. and I also hope I can be useful for my parents and my friends.i hope you can enjoy with my blogging! gratitude for all the friends who already want to read, thank you very much :)

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